High Accuracy GPS/GNSS Data Collection Using ArcGIS Field Maps: A Presentation by Greg Newton


Greg Newton, GISP, Presents at the 2023 ILGISA Confrence.

Greg Newton, Director of Geospatial Services at Gewalt Hamilton Associates, recently presented at the Illinois GIS Association conference. The presentation went beyond just the technicalities of high-accuracy GPS/GNSS data collection, emphasizing the transformative efficiencies gained using ArcGIS Field Maps.

Greg’s presentation explored the technical aspects of GPS/GNSS data collection, with a particular focus on the capabilities and efficiencies offered by ArcGIS Field Maps. He covered topics such as configuring and calibrating GPS equipment, real-time corrections, and the importance of quality assurance and quality control in GPS locating. Greg also addressed challenges like data accuracy and efficiency, offering solutions that include proper data collection techniques and methods for reducing errors influenced by seasonal and physical factors. The presentation served as a detailed resource, offering valuable insights for professionals in the geospatial industry.

After highlighting the importance of High Accuracy GPS/GNSS Data Collection, Greg explored specific use cases, such as the importance of proper data collection techniques. He emphasized the efficiencies gained from using ArcGIS Field Maps over traditional GPS survey equipment. This modern approach allows for real-time project status sharing via dashboards, making projects more transparent with stakeholders. These insights are crucial for anyone involved in GIS and GPS data collection, offering practical solutions for improving the quality of the data collected.

Greg Newton, Director of Geospatial Services

“Field Maps for ArcGIS is a transformative tool, making high-precision data collection more accessible than ever before. The seamless integration within the GIS web environment, coupled with full access to our organization’s extensive data and capabilities, greatly streamlines our project workflows. The rapid pace of technological advancement in recent years is truly remarkable, and we’re always eager to find new ways to optimize our work processes.” – Greg Newton


Thomas Buwick, GIS Analyst had this to say about the presentation: “Greg’s depth of knowledge in geospatial services is impressive. His talk at the ILGISA conference demonstrated GHA’s dedication to offering innovative solutions in geospatial data collection.”

Greg Newton’s presentation at the ILGISA conference highlighted GHA’s proactive approach to leveraging the latest technologies. This commitment enables us to deliver tailored solutions that consistently exceed client expectations, by making our projects more transparent and efficient through the power of GIS.