GHA proudly announces that several key leaders who have played important roles in developing GHA’s reputation for excellence and dependability are now Principals. In this, each Principal is enabled to be dedicated to further developing specific areas in which they have focused:

Donald Dixon, P.E.

Don has been instrumental in Site Design for many clients in their educational and campus improvements, and has become a leading figure in Data Center site development. In this growing market, he will put his expertise to work with a primary focus on Data Center development clients.

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Donald Matthews, P.E., CFM

Don is well-known throughout the Site Design community. He is Vice President of GHA and most recently, Director of Site Design Services where he has played significant parts in designing and managing innumerable projects in Parks and Recreation, and Campus Design.

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Michael Shrake, P.E.

Mike, who was GHA’s first-ever intern, has served in a variety of leadership roles, most recently, CEO. He chose to focus entirely on helping clients in special use sites as well as Parks and Recreation, fueled by his extensive experience in all phases of projects.

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Michael Warner, P.E., CFM

Mike joined GHA in early 2020 following his well-known presence as executive Director of the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission. His expertise on both the regulatory and project management sides brings great insight to GHA’s Water Resources work.

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Walter Graft, P.E.

Walt has been with GHA for over 30 years as a Civil Engineer, concentrating his focus on municipal engineering, school, hospital, park, and commercial site development, and stormwater management. He is particularly well-known for his athletic facilities projects both for educational and park district clients.

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