GHA is excited to announce a major overhaul and upgrade to our GIS web servers and data hosting environment. After months of research and discussions, GHA migrated from an on-premises GIS server to a managed cloud-based environment.

As a client, you are not expected to experience any downtime during business hours. This upgrade will allow us to provide better service with faster applications and less downtime.

Migrating to a cloud environment will allow us to provide better service on several fronts:

Faster performance – Web applications will load and run noticeably faster for clients and mobile users. Our current system sits behind layers of firewalls and IT security that cause maps to load slower than we’d like. The new system will run faster for all users, increasing efficiency and decreasing frustration.

Increased Availability & Reliability – GIS in the Cloud can put out information in the public domain, for continuous updates and open access. Down time will be significantly reduced if not eliminated.

Easier Accessibility for Users – Services are available automatically, regardless of the user’s location, and consumers are not required to interact with each service provider. Consumers do not necessarily need technical knowledge of computing services to be able to access and share information.

Unlimited Users – Clients can add unlimited users to access secured services or edit data in the field/office.

Increased Security – The structure of new system reduce the risk of hackers while maintaining GHA’s standard of data security. GIS data will be backed up every 4 hours, meaning your data is always secure.

Scalability – As your GIS database and resources increase in size, our new system will be able to accommodate for years and years to come.

Reduced Maintenance Costs – The new system will require less maintenance and administration time for GHA staff, meaning less cost for clients.

Up-to-Date Technology – The cloud system will allow GHA to more easily upgrade to the latest software meaning clients to the latest GIS solutions and resources.

For more information about GHA’s valuable GIS services, contact Greg Newton, GISP