GHA: Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At GHA, we are deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). In 2020, we established the DEI committee with a clear mission: “Our goal is to cultivate partnerships with experts and practitioners in our community to advance diversity and inclusion within our firm.” Our aim is to create an inclusive environment where all voices are heard, valued and celebrated.

As part of our ongoing DEI initiatives, GHA forges community partnerships aligned with our commitment to integrity and positive impact. Since 2004, our Philanthropy Committee has collaborated with Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep through the “Corporate Work Study Program,” supporting education and development for young individuals. We proudly hire full-time employees from this program, investing in our workforce’s future.

Wadee Rafati, Civil Engineer, Municipal Services Division

“Through our DEI efforts, we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone’s voices are heard and valued,” says Wadee Rafati, a key member of the DEI committee. “We are dedicated to driving meaningful change and building a workplace that celebrates diversity and promotes equity.”

-Wadee Rafati, Civil Engineer

GHA Chicago Dogs Game

Education and building for the future are vital aspects of our DEI efforts. GHA donates funds to the College of Lake County, inspiring students through STEM-focused scholarships. Additionally, our contribution to the City Colleges of Chicago’s Black Equity and Excellence program amplifies our commitment to equity and a more diverse industry.

In 2022, GHA partnered with Ethos Talent, implementing their Management Program to cultivate leadership skills and a diverse workforce. This program serves as a foundation for ongoing DEI development, empowering our managers to champion diversity and inclusion.

To ensure fairness and equal opportunities, GHA adheres to EEOC regulations and analyzes our processes to address unintentional bias. We strive for equity across all stages, from recruiting and hiring to compensation and career advancement. Internally, GHA upholds the values of integrity and continuous improvement by enhancing DEI within the company.

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Anika Moore, MAIO, CPO

“Our employee handbook has been rewritten to incorporate more inclusive language that represents our current culture and creates a welcoming environment for new hires. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace where every individual feels respected and included.”

-Anika Moore, MAIO, Chief People Officer

Through these initiatives, GHA demonstrates its dedication to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. With a deep-rooted passion for celebrating differences, upholding integrity and embracing continuous improvement, we are committed to shaping a more inclusive future for our employees, clients and communities.