GHA: Comprehensive Solutions for Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Projects

At Gewalt Hamilton Associates (GHA), we understand the lasting impact of commercial, retail, and industrial projects. These spaces shape the communities we live in, work in, and visit. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional project management to ensure their success.


Our experience across diverse project types allows us to anticipate and overcome challenges unique to each development. Combining our in-depth knowledge of municipal engineering with our extensive understanding of a wide range of project types creates a distinct advantage. We expertly navigate the complexities of municipal requirements, from planning and zoning to compliance and public engagement, ensuring a predictable and efficient permitting process for our clients.  This proactive approach ensures projects advance smoothly through all regulatory stages by identifying and managing potential issues before they arise. By considering the long-term impact of our work, we aim to deliver sustainable, cost-effective solutions that align with both client goals and municipal standards, striking a balance between development needs and community interests.


GHA’s project methodology is crafted for success, incorporating an innovative design philosophy that prioritizes long-term site usage. Our commitment to sustainable and efficient design goes beyond initial project costs. It’s about mitigating potential risks and maximizing value over the lifespan of the project. This proactive approach helps our clients avoid unforeseen issues, ensuring they get the most out of their investment.

Beyond technical expertise, GHA acts as a collaborative partner, bridging the gap between architects, design teams, owners, and contractors. We foster open communication and informed decision-making, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned with the project’s overall success.

Guaranteed Rate Field - Drainage Improvements
Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM Director of Site Design Services

“Our extensive experience allows us to anticipate potential challenges and navigate complex processes efficiently, ensuring a smoother project progression for all involved.”

-Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM Director of Site Design Services


Commercial & Retail Considerations

  • Designing for Functionality and Accessibility: We plan utility infrastructure needs, site planning layout, traffic requirements, stormwater management, and ADA compliance, verifying each site is accessible and functional, with thoughtful traffic circulation, ample parking, and streamlined pick-up/drop-off areas to enhance accessibility.
  • User Experience: From the entry point to the internal environment and exit strategy, we plan projects with the end-user in mind, aiming to create spaces that are functional, intuitive, and welcoming.

Industrial Considerations

  • Streamlined Operations: We design efficient layouts for warehouses and production facilities to minimize travel distances and maximize productivity while considering dock door quantity, size, and placement to ensure efficient loading and unloading of goods.
  • Site Access and Maneuverability: Our designs prioritize the efficient movement of large vehicles throughout the site. This comprehensive approach considers turning radius requirements, incorporates designated truck lanes, and factors in the potential impact on public roadway traffic.


A long history of successful partnerships with clients across private and public sectors reflects our commitment to achieving their goals. We consistently deliver projects that meet client objectives through expert guidance and a collaborative approach. Understanding the complexities of development, we leverage our proven expertise to navigate the entitlement processes efficiently. This streamlines project flow, minimizing potential delays and ensuring a smoother overall experience.

GHA is more than just a civil engineering firm; we are partners in bringing your commercial and industrial projects to life by providing the expertise and guidance you need from start to finish.

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Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM
Director of Site Design Services