GHA's Construction and Survey Division Reflect on 2023

GHA’s Construction and Survey Division Reflect on 2023


The annual year-end meeting of Gewalt Hamilton Associates Inc.’s (GHA) Construction and Survey Division presented an opportunity to review the year’s work, along with a chance to celebrate and learn from each other’s experiences. Dave Marquardt, Director of Construction and Survey Services, opened the session by reflecting on the successes of the past year and the unique opportunity this gathering presented. Dave shared, “This year has been incredibly successful for our division, and today’s meeting is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to learn more about the diverse and impressive work each team member has been involved in.”


McHenry High School Baseball Field – McHenry, IL

Innovative Practices and Tools:

A key part of the meeting’s discussion was how GHA’s Construction and Survey Division has embraced innovative tools to augment project execution. Construction Engineer Griffin Boo shared insights into the use of drone technology for the McHenry Baseball Field project. The drone’s aerial views offered a unique perspective through a time-lapse video that captured the entire project’s progression.

Griffin remarked, “Utilizing drone technology gave us an unparalleled view of the entire field, which was invaluable. We were able to compile these aerial shots into a time-lapse video, and then showcase the project’s journey from start to finish so we can show both our team and our clients.”




Biltmore Country Club – North Barrington, IL

Design and Aesthetic Enhancements:

Engineering Technician III John Eisenhut, talked about how GHA successfully blends functionality with aesthetics, a critical aspect of our project design philosophy. Highlighting this approach, John shared insights from the Biltmore Country Club parking lot project, where the team tackled the challenge of enhancing the area’s utility while maintaining its aesthetic integrity. The project involved the careful installation of a new retaining wall, designed to offer structural support and complement the site’s visual appeal. This delicate balance of technical functionality and design was evident in the execution. “This project was as much about design as it was about utility, and it shows in the final product,” John observed.


Osage Road Topographic Survey

Personal Growth and Milestones:

The meeting also celebrated personal achievements within the Construction and Survey team. Land Surveyor Jesus Trejo shared his journey on his first solo topographic survey job, a significant milestone in his professional development, illustrating the supportive environment at GHA for personal and career growth. Jesus’ successful completion of this project not only demonstrated his growing expertise but also highlighted GHA’s commitment to empowering its team members through real-world experiences.

Jon Past, PLS, Survey Group Leader, added his perspective on the importance of such milestones, “Every individual achievement, like Jesus’ first solo survey project, is a testament to our team’s growth and the supportive environment we’ve built at GHA.”




2023 Road Improvement Program in the Village of Long Grove, IL

Community Feedback and Engagement:

Construction Engineer Saharah Witte showcased the importance of community feedback and engagement with her involvement with the 2023 Road Improvement Program during the meeting. This project included the Village of Long Grove, the Village of Kildeer, and Ela Township. Her work exemplified GHA’s dedication to responsive and community-oriented project management.

Saharah shared her experience, stating, “With the 2023 Road Improvement Program, our focus on community feedback was key. For instance, altering a median in the Village of Long Grove to improve driveway access was a direct result of this engagement, greatly enhancing the project’s overall effectiveness.”

This project exemplified the approach of GHA’s Construction and Survey Division. Engaging with the community is an integral part of the project process, ensuring that our work not only meets technical standards but also aligns with the needs and expectations of the people it impacts.


Lucas Deferville

Lucas Deferville, Assistant Director of Construction and Survey Services, reflected on the past year’s achievements during the meeting. He highlighted the team’s collaborative spirit and the wide range of projects they undertook, each showcasing the team’s diverse skills and capabilities. “This year has been a remarkable demonstration of our team’s adaptability and innovation.” Lucas said, adding “Each project, big or small, has been an opportunity for us to deliver work that truly makes a difference in our communities.”

GHA Facilities and Utilities Management presents Hydrant & Brass Demo

GHA Facilities and Utilities Management presents Hydrant & Brass Demo

GHA Facilities and Utilities Management Division hosted a Continuing Education Credit event for Public Works personnel from around the Chicagoland area. It was great to see so many dedicated professionals coming together to learn and share best practices. The presentation covered a range of important topics related to hydrant maintenance, including some of the latest trends and challenges in the field. We were delighted to have American Flow Control and A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. on hand to share their expertise and insights.

We believe continuous learning and professional development are essential to providing the best possible service to our communities. That’s why we’re proud to support events like this and to work with partners who share our commitment to excellence.

Thanks to the dozens of park district pros who attended and to our presenters. We look forward to continuing the conversation and collaborating on more learning events in the future.

Todd Gordon, P.E., MBA

Todd P. Gordon, P.E., MBA


GHA’s CEO, Todd P. Gordon is a Registered Professional Engineer practicing for over 30 years as a Civil Engineer with emphasis on municipal engineering, roadway design and construction engineering.

He has held numerous leadership positions within GHA including Director of Transportation and Director of Construction & Survey. Prior to joining GHA, Mr. Gordon served as Assistant Director of Engineering for the Village of Gurnee.

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My Favorite Thing About Civil Engineering Is

“I love driving on a road that GHA designed and constructed, especially when it’s been a few years and it still looks great and is wearing well.”

What People May Not Know About Me

“I’m a basketball fanatic. Can’t get enough, especially NCAA.”

GHA Announces New Service Divisions

GHA Announces New Service Divisions

As GHA expands our expertise in a wider variety of services, the rapid growth of several service lines has sparked the need to create their own divisions. Now, in addition to GHA’s Municipal, Transportation, Data Collection, Site Design, Construction/Survey, and Finance/Admin Divisions, we introduce, and congratulate the new Directors of:


When GHA began providing GIS services in 1997, it was not yet known how useful GIS would become – creating management tools for a variety of organizations, including governmental, educational, recreational, and more. GIS has advanced at a rapid rate and staying in step with advances has led GHA to this point. Through technical skill and client-centric project management, Greg Newton now leads a team of GIS Analysts who serve our clients at a high level, with responsive service and scalability in mind.

Director of Geospatial Services


GHA was fortunate when Mike Grinnell retired from Lake County Public Works and joined GHA putting his extensive knowledge in the Public Works world, with an experienced eye and treasures of insight in projects that interface with public works priorities. This led to GHA introducing Water Operations services for numerous municipal clients that were in great need of assistance. This service, along with a variety of public works support services are now crucial to maintaining essential operations.

Director of Facilities & Utilities Management


Human Resources is important to any organization, but for GHA, it is even more. As a firm experiencing high growth, recruiting and on-boarding are only the beginning. GHA looks to Anika and the Human Resources Division to help develop our unique culture that embraces and advances diversity, opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as managing a large collection of employee benefits. GHA’s HR activities previously operated as part of the Finance & Administration Division.

Director of Human Resources