GHA is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company. Every staff member is a Co-Owner and has a personal stake in our growth and success.

In late 2018, GHA became an ESOP organization. This means that each and every member of GHA’s staff have an owner’s interest in developing advancements in our services and the value they bring to our clients. It not only supports financial benefit for all GHA Co-Owners, but we have taken it to heart that we all have contributions to make with our experience, insight, and dedication. We use this as inspiration for a wide variety of employee opportunities, always keeping in mind that we – the Co-Owners – have a unique voice that will be heard.

ESOP Advisory Committee

We empower ourselves as Co-Owners through our ESOP Advisory Committee, in which members of all service divisions are given the opportunity to serve in a hands-on way. The essence of the committee’s work results in fresh and exciting ways to grow as a group, collaborate freely, and make GHA the best company for all of us now and into the future.