GHA is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Company.

In 2018, GHA transitioned to an ESOP organization. This signifies that every member of GHA’s staff possesses an owner’s stake in enhancing our services and the value they deliver to our clients. Beyond the financial benefits for all GHA Co-Owners, we deeply believe in the contributions each one of us can make through our experience, insight, and dedication. This belief drives a variety of employee opportunities, always anchored in the understanding that we, the Co-Owners, possess a distinctive voice that demands recognition.


At Gewalt Hamilton Associates, our team members are more than just employees; they are vested stakeholders in the company through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). An ESOP is a specialized retirement plan that operates through a trust, a distinct legal entity that acquires, holds, and manages company stock for the benefit of its participants. This unique structure allows GHA co-owners to receive company shares as a portion of their compensation, providing them with a vested interest in the company.


Much like a 401(k) plan, an ESOP provides a framework for long-term retirement savings. However, there are key differences. In our ESOP, employees are not required to contribute financially to acquire company shares. Instead, Gewalt Hamilton Associates takes on the responsibility of making all contributions. This reflects our dedication to investing in the people who make our success possible.

The value of each ESOP account is directly linked to the stock price of Gewalt Hamilton Associates, rather than external market securities. This ensures that as the company continues to grow and thrive, so does the financial well-being of our team members. To maintain transparency and integrity, the value of our company stock is assessed annually by an independent third-party appraiser. Any increase in the stock value is then equitably redistributed to the ESOP beneficiaries—our valued owners-employees.

By implementing an ESOP, our goal is to nurture a culture where excellence and innovation are the norm, as every team member has a direct stake in the company’s overall performance and success.


Participating in an ESOP offers numerous advantages that go beyond traditional retirement plans:

Alignment of Interests: With a stake in the company, team members are naturally motivated to contribute to its success, thereby creating a cohesive and focused work environment.
Financial Security: The ESOP provides an additional layer of financial stability for retirement, supplementing other retirement savings plans you may have.
Tax Benefits: ESOPs come with certain tax advantages, both for the company and for the employee beneficiaries, making it a financially prudent choice for long-term planning.
Shared Success: As the company grows, the value of the ESOP shares also increases, allowing co-owners to directly benefit from the company’s success.


The GHA Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Advisory Council is not just a committee, but a pivotal component in shaping a robust culture of ownership, engagement, and professional advancement among GHA’s employee-owners. Acting as a key element within GHA’s ownership structure, the council plays an essential role in both sustaining and evolving a shared vision for the future trajectory of the company.

At GHA, each division is represented on the council, ensuring an approach where every opportunity is explored and every concern is addressed. We take pride in our inclusive culture, and as a testament to this, all GHA Co-Owners are invited to serve on the ESOP Advisory Council for a term. Those who have taken up this opportunity unanimously agree that it offers a unique platform to actively shape GHA’s future.

Our culture at GHA is deeply rooted in a shared journey toward the future, with each of us as Co-Owners playing a pivotal role. Throughout the year, we have numerous celebrations that underscore this collective spirit. The Annual Stock Reveal is a moment we all eagerly await each year. The dedicated members of the ESOP Advisory Council pour their energy into making this event memorable, ensuring not just insightful discussions but also great food and team-building fun.


The ESOP model inherently encourages a culture of collective responsibility and mutual respect. Team members are not just employees but co-owners who have a vested interest in the quality of work and solutions we provide to our clients. This sense of ownership creates a work environment where integrity and excellence are not just expected but are a natural outcome of our company culture.

By integrating an ESOP into our benefits package, Gewalt Hamilton Associates aims to create a workplace where everyone’s contributions are recognized and rewarded, and where each team member benefits directly from our collective success.

2023 ESOP Stock Reveal