Unlock Your Potential with GHA's Emerging Professionals Network

GHA CEO Todd with EPN

The Emerging Professionals Network (EPN) is a premier group at GHA that brings together employees who are in the early stages of their careers, providing a supportive platform for professional and personal growth. Our aim is to expand your network, foster connections with colleagues from different departments, and facilitate open communication with experienced staff members. Through our inclusive community, you’ll have access to valuable resources, mentorship opportunities, and a vibrant network of professionals passionate about civil engineering.


EPN members have the chance to participate in a variety of engaging programs and events that promote collaboration, learning, and personal development. These initiatives are designed to enhance your knowledge, broaden your horizons, and foster your passion for the field of civil engineering. Engaging social events offer a relaxed and enjoyable setting for networking, building relationships, and connecting with colleagues.

EPN Summer Mixer
Julie Roberts, P.E. Transportation Project Manager

“By joining the EPN, you’ll have the opportunity to share your voice and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals. Our events are designed to foster connections among staff at all levels, allowing you to collaborate with co-owners you may not typically work with. It’s a chance to broaden your network and play a key role in shaping the future of our organization.”

-Julie Roberts, P.E.


The annual Career Day program offered by the EPN provides local high school students with a unique opportunity to spend a day alongside our Engineering Professionals. This immersive experience offers valuable insights into various branches of the civil engineering field and allows participants to tackle design challenges and visit construction sites, providing inspiration and firsthand exposure to the world of civil engineering.

Youth Conservation Corps/Lake County Forest Preserve District Career Day
EPN Whirlyball Outing
Scott Yandell – Civil Engineer, Construction & Survey Services Division

“Being part of the EPN has accelerated my professional growth. The connections I’ve made and the insights I’ve gained from co-owners at all levels have enriched my perspective and enabled me to contribute more effectively to our organization. The EPN is about being part of a group that drives positive change within our company and our communities.”

-Scott Yandell, Civil Engineer


At GHA, we are dedicated to nurturing emerging talent and providing a supportive community for your professional growth. The EPN is just one of the ways we foster collaboration, promote learning, and create a platform for you to thrive. Join the EPN and be part of a vibrant community that empowers you to make meaningful connections, expand your horizons, and build a successful career in civil engineering.

With the EPN, you’ll gain access to mentorship programs, professional development initiatives, and meaningful networking opportunities. These resources are carefully designed to foster your passion for civil engineering and cultivate a culture of integrity, dedication, and excellence. Our commitment to your success is evident in the EPN’s commitment to empowering emerging professionals like you to achieve their career goals and make a lasting impact in the field. Join us and unlock your potential with the support of a dynamic community of driven individuals who share your passion for civil engineering.



Internships at GHA are a career-launching experience. Collaborate with industry experts on impactful projects, gain professional mentorship, and build a valuable network. With GHA, gain the real-world experience and mentorship you need to excel in the engineering field.

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New Graduates

GHA is committed to shaping future leaders in the field. Through consistent mentorship and abundant career growth opportunities, many have found long-term professional homes at GHA. Join us in becoming the next generation of leaders in civil engineering.

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Experienced Professionals

At GHA, we create an environment where experienced engineers, technicians, and support staff can realize their full potential. With diverse projects and a dedicated team, we encourage both professional growth and personal satisfaction. Join us at GHA to shape the future of civil engineering.

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