Committees help guide the present and future of GHA with the voice of our Co-Owners

GHA Health & Wellness Committee
The Health and Wellness Committee promotes physical and mental wellness through assessing, planning, and implementing activities that will help GHA employee-owners be more aware and motivated to increase their own well-being and others potentially as well.
The Health and Wellness Committee will largely be responsible for evaluating the current health and wellness programs, services and policies that are available at GHA and assessing employee-owner needs and preferences. They will develop a health promotion operating plan that provides activities to employees that will increase awareness on various health topics (i.e., healthy eating, exercise, relaxation methods). They will also provide and promote activities that will help to build the required skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as fitness classes, fitness challenges, cooking classes, etc., and motivate employee-owners to be aware of opportunities to improve their health provided by GHA.

GHA Social Committee
The Social Committee functions to improve the social environment in and around the office(s), encourage collaborative action, and help create a sense of togetherness amongst our employee-owners. The Social Committee is generally responsible for evaluating, coordinating, and implementing creative events employee-owners will enjoy as well as promoting these events through various media in the office. Some events include:

o GHA Backyard Bags & Bocce
o GHA Annual Family Picnic
o GHA Wiffle Ball Tournament
o GHA Annual Cub’s vs. Brewers game
o GHA Paint Night with Co-Owners
o GHA Annual Holiday Party

GHA Employee Recognition Committee
The Employee Recognition Committee discusses, analyzes, evaluates, and initiates ways for GHA to positively recognize employees for years of service, exemplary achievements, or a noteworthy performance
The Employee Recognition Committee’s responsibilities generally include such things as creating employee tenure lists, coordinating annual Years of Service luncheon, content development, management, and updates for the office video monitor, and development of staff milestone recognition content for social media outlets. The Committee will also establish, manage, and coordinate activities related to acknowledgements, achievements, rewards, thank yous, etc. for staff recognition.