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Gewalt Hamilton fosters excellence and innovation, in both the work that we produce, and the people we employ.

Associates at Gewalt Hamilton are passionate about the work they do. Clients and colleagues are treated with the utmost respect and attention. Our management demonstrates our passion for the profession by cultivating excellence in interns and employees. Our culture creates an environment that is challenging, collaborative and respectful. Thus, many of our team members have begun and built their careers with us.

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Interning with GHA has been career-defining for many of our past and current staff. The reason is that we envision our interns as the future of our industry, with an opportunity to provide the tools and guidance that will serve them, and our firm, into the future.

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New Graduates

These are the individuals that will become GHA leaders with consistent guidance, a wide variety of career development tools, and a professional environment filled with opportunities. GHA has many staff members who have stayed with us for decades.

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Experienced Professionals

Experienced engineers, technicians, and support staff may feel a need to seek a firm that more closely matches their ideals and perspective to place their value. GHA's culture of opportunity can be an attractive change that can reinvigorate excitement and professional satisfaction

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Career Development

GHA invests deeply in the development of staff capabilities in a variety of ways. Our mindset is to always seek growth as individuals and as a firm.

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GHA's Committees provide a great platform to speak up about what matters to you:

Staff Engagement