Welcome to GHA, Scott Gaunky

Welcome to GHA, Scott Gaunky

GHA is delighted to announce the addition of Scott Gaunky, CPMM to GHA’s Leadership, bringing 40 years of educational facility maintenance and construction project experience. Scott recently retired from his long-time role as Director of Facilities for the Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District and is well known for excellence in management, guidance, and training of personnel, budgets and inventory management, and maintenance program planning and execution. He provided Construction Project Management of more than $53 Million in buildings and grounds projects.

Scott Gaunky joins GHA as Principal in our Site Design Division and will share his expertise across the GHA organization. Clients will benefit from his decades of service and the insights gained in facility management.

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Award Winning! Gillson Park Beach House

Award Winning! Gillson Park Beach House

We’re delighted that AIA Chicago awarded Wilmette Park District’s Gillson Park Beach House a Design Excellence Award at AIA Chicago’s DESIGNIGHT 2022, the premier architectural celebration celebrating the global design achievements of members, was hosted at Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park on Monday, September 12, 2022.

GHA is proud to have worked with the talented team from Woodhouse Tinucci Architects on the project, providing a wide range of civil engineering and support services including survey, conceptual site planning, preliminary and final design, permitting, and construction engineering across the 60-acre shoreline site.

Learn more about GHA’s contribution to this highly successful project.

Intern Coordination Committee


The Intern Coordination Committee meets regularly to coordinate all processes with GHA’s summer interns, the intern manual, logistics, training, and more. Many of GHA’s staff started as interns here and we prioritize the lasting value and importance of the intern experience.

Emerging Professionals Network


The Emerging Professionals Network group typically meets monthly with an objective to assist GHA employee-owners who are developing in their careers to expand their professional and personal network, foster connections with staff they may not regularly work with and facilitate easier communication with experienced staff.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee


The Diversity & Inclusion Committee meets at regular intervals with a primary focus to bring awareness of systemic and national issues to the GHA community as well as develop partnerships with experts and practitioners in our community.

Philanthropy Committee


The Philanthropy Committee’s mission is to develop and implement fundraising plans and strategies to assure the prosperity of GHA through philanthropy and fund development.

Committee members are expected to be ambassadors for GHA within the community.

They will evaluate charities, develop fundraising plans, and recommend philanthropic activities to maximize GHA’s potential to raise and donate funds and/or manpower.

Staff Recognition Committee


The Staff Recognition Committee discuss, analyze, evaluate, and initiate ways for GHA to positively recognize employees for years of service, exemplary achievements, or a noteworthy performance
The Staff Recognition Committee’s responsibilities generally include such things as creating employee tenure lists, coordinating annual Years of Service luncheon, content development, management, and updates for the office video monitor, and development staff recognition content for social media outlets. The Committee will also establish, manage, and coordinate activities related to acknowledgements, achievements, rewards, plaques, thank yous, etc. for staff recognition.

Being a member of the Staff Recognition Committee will typically involve providing approximately 10 hours over the entire year, and they will typically meet quarterly; however, additional meetings may be required, as necessary.

Health and Wellness Committee


The Health and Wellness Committee promotes physical and mental wellness through assessing, planning, and implementing activities that will help GHA employees-owners be more aware and motivated to increase their own and other’s well-being. The Health and Wellness Committee will largely be responsible for evaluating the current health and wellness programs, services and policies that are available at GHA and assessing employee-owner needs and preferences. They will develop a health promotion operating plan that provides activities to employees that will increase awareness on various health topics (i.e., healthy eating, exercise, relaxation methods). They will also provide and promote activities that will help to build the required skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as fitness classes, fitness challenges, cooking classes, etc., and motivate employee owners to be aware of opportunities to improve their health provided by GHA.

Social Events Committee


The Social Events Committee functions to improve the social environment in and around the office(s), encourage collaborative action, and help create a sense of togetherness amongst our co-owners. The Social Committee is generally responsible for evaluating, coordinating, and implementing creative events employee-owners will enjoy as well as promoting these events through various media in the office. In the past this included bi-monthly events such as paint night, paintball, company picnic, Ravinia, and Arlington Racetrack to name a few.

The Social Events Committee will typically entail contributing approximately 25 hours over the entire year (excluding event attendance), and they will typically meet monthly; however, additional coordination meetings may be required early in the year as needed. Committee members are expected to attend the committee planned events.

ESOP Advisory Committee


The ESOP Advisory Council meets monthly and strives to increase the value of the ESOP by encouraging ownership thinking and fostering ownership behaviors for all employee-owners.

Every GHA Service Division is represented in the ESOP Advisory Committee, ensuring that ideas and consensus come from across the entire firm. The members of the committee provide an active and participatory atmosphere in the company through a wide variety of activities, contests, and much more.

Membership opportunities occur annually.