A healthcare facility.

GHA: Designing for Tomorrow’s Healthcare Needs

At GHA, we recognize the complexities as well as the essential requirements of healthcare facilities. Our experience in the design, maintenance, and operation of large hospital campus sites, ranging from small medical office buildings to active hospital campuses, provides us with distinctive insights to assist with planning and implementing improvements on hospital properties.

An overview photo of Glenbrook Hospital in Glenview, IL, and example of GHA's work with healthcare facilities.
Glenbrook Hospital - Glenview
Brian Wesolowski – P.E., CFM, Director of Site Design Services

“Navigating the healthcare landscape requires a blend of innovation, experience, and attention to detail. At GHA, our dedication to seamless coordination allows us to provide solutions that are both functional and forward-thinking.”

-Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM, Director of Site Design Services


GHA’s experience in planning and zoning enables us to guide clients through complex procedures, with attention to delivering individualized solutions to every client. As a result, we understand the nuances of this process, and our expertise allows us to assist our clients in navigating these challenges with the precision and dedication that define our approach.


Long-term, maintainable design is a key aspect of our overall approach at GHA, ensuring the success of each project. By carefully considering practical factors like snow and ice removal operations, we ensure that our designs meet both immediate needs and facilitate the ongoing operations of our clients. Therefore, our focus on practical, long-term needs is essential in guaranteeing the success of the projects we manage at GHA.


Major healthcare facility improvements often involve modifications to parking, site circulation, traffic flow, traffic signals, in addition to public roadway improvements. Our experienced and multidisciplined staff coordinate all these designs seamlessly and in-house, reinforcing GHA’s reputation for efficient and integrated solutions.


Our property management capabilities extend beyond traditional services. With a dedicated team, we prepare pavement assessments, operate private water systems, and create GIS database maps of utilities on campus properties. These specialized offerings reflect our overall commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

A picture of the entrance to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL, an example of GHA's work with healthcare facilities.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America - Zion

GHA: Tailoring Senior Communities to Evolving Lifestyles

With the rise in demand for residential senior care, GHA has remained at the forefront of developing independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities, often integrated into Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). Our philosophy emphasizes adaptability and comfort, allowing residents to continue enjoying the community while their lifestyle and care needs evolve.

The Garlands of Barrington
Donald Matthews, P.E., CFM Vice President/Principal

“The senior living landscape is ever evolving, and our dedication to creating environments that feel like home sets GHA apart. Our expertise ensures a sustainable and efficient approach, whether it’s a small living complex or a comprehensive care community.”

– Don Matthews, P.E., CFM, Vice President/Principal


Across a range of projects, from small senior living sites to expansive communities, our approach reflects a passion for delivering optimal solutions that cater specifically to the individualized requirements of each client. With a dedicated approach to senior residence projects, GHA’s expertise lays the groundwork for environments that thrive and last, reflecting our commitment to the distinct needs and aspirations of each community.


The Oak Trace Senior Living Facility project in Downers Grove, Illinois, exemplifies GHA’s dedication to innovation in senior living environments. Our work includes all aspects of the project, from devising a comprehensive Campus Master Plan to guiding the overall construction of new healthcare and residential buildings, and engineering an advanced stormwater management system. As a result of our personalized approach, we continue to provide customized solutions that meet the distinct needs of this thriving senior living community.

Oak Trace Senior Living Facility - Downers Grove

GHA’s expertise in healthcare and senior housing extends beyond traditional infrastructure design. Above all, our approach includes comprehensive planning, development, maintenance, and expansion, all tailored to address the distinct requirements of these specialized industries.


Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM
Director of Site Design Services

Don Matthews, P.E., CFM
Vice President/Principal