Commerce and Industry rely on agility and speed when creating new sites and expanding existing ones. GHA's process-driven approach supports this with our highly responsive actions and ability to meet projects' evolving priorities.

Commercial projects need the same high level of attention to detail that all civil engineering projects demand. From due diligence and preliminary design to final engineering and construction, many projects present changes as conditions and requirements battle timeframe and cost. GHA has depth of experience in all areas of site development, redevelopment, and expansion in a wide variety of sectors. Each of these is unique and has its own subjects of concern. GHA is fortunate to have numerous staff who have individual expertise that accelerates discovery of options and enables easier client decision-making.

In addition to infrastructure requirements, site grading, and stormwater management, other important considerations like ADA and path of travel, traffic circulation, availability of parking, and ease of loading/unloading are equally important.

GHA’s expert guidance has earned many long-term, multi-project clients in numerous private sector industries.

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Brian Wesolowski, P.E., CFM
Director of Site Design Services