GHA provides staff the right guidance for your professional experience to reach the highest heights.

We share in growth with programs, mentorship, and a collective desire to always be learning.

Professional Development is our shared responsibility.

GHA takes a unique approach to staff development. We strongly believe that this path toward ever increasing quality is a shared journey, so a wide variety of opportunities are provided for staff to grow.

The Emerging Professionals Network group typically meets monthly with an objective to assist GHA employee-owners who are developing in their careers to expand their professional and personal network, foster connections with staff they may not regularly work with and facilitate easier communication with experienced staff.

The Leadership Development Committee meets weekly in the first quarter and monthly thereafter and strives to provide leadership training to promote and foster professional development.

The Technology Initiative Committee meets monthly and utilizes a video-based platform to create technical training videos made available to all GHA employee-owners.

GHA’s Employee Lifecycle revolves around our culture of opportunity. Each stage focuses on providing all the resources needed to enable the best of every staff member and the most rewarding professional experience, individually and as coworkers.