The GHA Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Advisory Council is not just a committee, but a pivotal component in shaping a robust culture of ownership, engagement, and professional advancement among GHA’s employee-owners. Acting as a key element within GHA’s ownership structure, the council plays an essential role in both sustaining and evolving a shared vision for the future trajectory of the company.


Our council is made up of ten diverse representatives, each hailing from a different division within GHA. This structure ensures a broad spectrum of voices are heard, reflecting the company’s unified commitment to its employee-owners.


Liaison to Leadership: The council ensures the interests and perspectives of GHA’s employee-owners are effectively communicated to the Board of Directors.

Onboarding: The council works diligently to integrate new members swiftly, ensuring effective and efficient operations moving forward.

Conference Participation: Council members are expected to attend at least one ESOP Association conference during their term, ensuring a continuous influx of fresh perspectives and best practices.

Educational Programs: Continuously updating and providing ESOP-specific educational materials for new and existing employee-owners.

Event Coordination: Creating and managing a comprehensive annual calendar of events that align with GHA’s core values and ESOP objectives.

2023 ESOP Association Conference
2023 Chicago Dogs Game


Initially established with a focus on communication, culture, and employee engagement, the council has continually evolved its objectives to adapt to GHA’s changing needs.

Core Values and Mission: In alignment with GHA’s foundational beliefs and commitments, the council focuses on transparent communication, comprehensive education, and the coordination of special events.

Adaptive Strategies: Recognizing the dynamic nature of GHA’s operational landscape, the council is committed to evolving its strategies to meet changing organizational needs.

Ownership Mentality: One of the council’s primary objectives is to foster an ownership mindset among employees, aiming for active participation and long-term commitment.

Ongoing Communication: Improving communication and engagement throughout the office.


The ESOP Advisory Council plays a critical role in enhancing the integrity of GHA’s ownership model by faithfully representing the diverse interests of all employee-owners. This representation serves as a fundamental aspect of the council’s role, granting it the authority to voice the interests of each division within the company. The council’s goals for GHA’s future extend beyond short-term achievements but include a shared long-term vision. This vision is geared toward a workspace where new ideas are valued, and originality is encouraged.

Through these efforts, the council seeks to go beyond its function as a liaison between employee-owners and the leadership of GHA, aiming to be a proactive force in advancing the company’s journey toward innovation and shared success.