GHA Connections: Joe Kafka


It is often said that life has a funny way of bringing us back to where we began. For Gewalt Hamilton Associates Senior Engineering Technician Joe Kafka, this sentiment rings true in more ways than one. A vital part of GHA’s Construction Division, Kafka recently found himself back at his old stomping grounds, Rolling Meadows High School, a place filled with nostalgia and memories of his youth.

A proud member of the very first graduating class in 1975, Kafka’s connection with the school is deeply personal. Now, he’s had the chance to give back to the institution that shaped him, by leading the revitalization of the once-familiar parking lot.

“It’s an incredible feeling to be back here after all these years,” Kafka reflects. “The school has changed and expanded so much since I was a student. Walking through these halls, I’m struck by how much growth has occurred, not just in the building itself but in the opportunities offered to the students.”

As a key member of GHA’s dedicated team, Kafka is actively shaping this growth, using his expertise to create lasting solutions within the community he knows so well. His role in transforming the school’s parking area is more than just a professional task; it’s a personal journey that connects with his own history.  The experience of working at his old high school has not only been a walk down memory lane but also an opportunity for Kafka to apply his expertise and passion to a project close to his heart.

“Working on this project has been more than just another job for me,” he says with a smile. “It’s fun and fulfilling to be able to contribute to a place that played such a pivotal role in my formative years. I see the dedication that goes into the education here, and I’m honored to be part of enhancing that experience for future generations.”

At GHA, we celebrate these unique connections and the personal stories that make our team truly special. Joe Kafka’s passion for his work and his connection with Rolling Meadows High School exemplify the values we uphold, as we continually strive to connect with our community and play a role in solutions that enhance quality of life.