Welcome Dan Angspatt

Gewalt Hamilton Associates Welcomes Dan Angspatt, P.E., as Senior Project Manager

GHA is proud to announce the hiring of Dan Angspatt, P.E., as a Senior Project Manager in the Site Design Division, further enhancing the scope of development…

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GHA Connections: Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts' path to the Transportation Services Division at GHA began with a pivotal encounter. During a visit to the University of Detroit Mercy for the…

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GHA’s ADA Compliance Toolkit: A Nationwide Journey

At GHA, our commitment to the principles of the Americans with Disabilities Act is evident in our operations, highlighted by our ADA Compliance Toolkit. This…

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Welcome Anika Moore, CPO. Anika standing in front of gray background, with her title on her left side.

Gewalt Hamilton Associates Announces Anika Moore, MAIO, as Chief People Officer

GHA, is proud to announce the appointment of Anika Moore, MAIO, as the company's first Chief People Officer (CPO). Having previously served eight years as…

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Winter Utility Work: Paving the Way for Quiet Summers

At GHA, our project management philosophy emphasizes efficiency and maximizing community benefits, while always considering the needs of each community. As…

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Hydrant Flushing & Maintenance: Essential for Your Community

At GHA, our FUM Division understands that the availability of clean, safe water is a top priority in any community. One often overlooked aspect of maintaining…

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GHA Connections: Jennifer Beckman

Jennifer Beckman, P.E., is widely recognized within the Construction and Survey Division at GHA for her hands-on approach to engineering and project…

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Public Works Asset Management: GHA’s GIS Integration

In an era where technology greatly impacts our everyday tasks, efficiently managing public works assets is increasingly crucial. The growing complexity of…

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